Ladislaus Hársing

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In male adolescent rats kidney mass attained maximum terminal value already at week 1 after streptozotocin treatment, and this value did not change over the next two weeks. At week 1 the kidney size of diabetic rats was greater than that of untreated controls, whereas at week 3 renal mass was the same in both groups. In adult rats with final body and kidney(More)
Significant retardation in body and kidney growth and in renal glomerular and proximal tubular development was observed in hypothyroid rats in comparison with euthyroid controls. Body mass was found to increase by 40% but kidney mass only by 3.5% over a period of 3 weeks following thyroidectomy in contrast to an average increment of 178 and 113%,(More)
Intrarenal blood flow distribution was studied with the simultaneous use of the 99Tc labelled frog erythrocyte (microsphere) and the radioactive 86Rb fractionation method in the rat. The amount of blood entering the outer cortex (99Tc labelled erythrocytes method) proved to be higher than one perfusing the outer cortex (86Rb method), whereas the amount of(More)
Regional lingual blood flow was measured by hydrogen polarography under control conditions and after the subsequent ligation of pertinent arteries in dogs. The results indicate a nonhomogeneous blood supply for the tongue and the existence of a complex collateral circulation in the lingual areas studied.