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The aim of this study was to establish the involvement of calcium signalling in genotoxicity, apoptosis and necrosis evoked by ochratoxin A (OTA) and citrinin (CTN) alone or in combination in porcine kidney PK15 cells. Cell proliferation test (MTT) and trypan blue assays (24 h) demonstrated that CTN (IC50 = 73.5 ± 1.0, 75.4 ± 1.4 μM, respectively) was less(More)
Apoptosis is a physiological cell suicide program that is critical for the development and maintenance of healthy tissues. Regulation of programmed cell death allows the organism to control the cell number and the tissue size, and to protect itself from rogue cells that threaten homeostasis. The changed activity of numerous genes influences switching of(More)
The central nervous system is exposed to the chronic oxidative stress during aging when the endogenous defence weakens and the load of reactive oxygen species enhances. Sex hormones and heat shock proteins (Hsps) participate in these responses to stress. Their regulation is disturbed in aging. We assessed the expression of Hsps in hippocampus and cortex of(More)
Systemic inflammation and oxidative stress are the most important features of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The presence of oxidative stress in the airways of smokers, the largest population of COPD patients, is a consequence of direct inhalation of cigarette smoke and increased inflammation-related production of reactive oxygen species. On(More)
  • Sanja Kovacić, Zdravko Petrinec, +6 authors Stjepan Pepeljnjak
  • 2008
Nitric oxide (NO) has been implicated in the pathogenesis of migraine and treatment with its exogenous donor glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) represents widely accepted experimental "migraine model". In this study, glyceryl trinitrate was administered intraperitoneally to carps, serum nitrite and nitrate levels were determined, permeability of blood-brain barrier(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to examine basal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity and to determine associations of various covariates (gender, sleep-wake rhythm, demographic, academic, life style and health-related characteristics) with altered daily salivary cortisol profiles in late adolescence. MATERIALS AND METHODS The total(More)
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