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Mobile computing platforms combining small, lightweight, low-power devices with wireless network connectivity enable the performance of familiar tasks in new environments and create opportunities for novel interactions. Since mobility imposes significant cognitive and ergonomic constraints affecting device and application usability, ease of use is central(More)
Usability evaluations generate large amounts of poorly structured qualitative data, but traditional methods of analysis are often impractical for use by industry practitioners. To address this, we developed a classification of usability issues covering cause, effect, task impact and business impact. In a design project, this has several applications, such(More)
Multi-national projects face many challenges, such as finding and coordinating resources, managing logistics in different countries, defining research methodology, controlling project cost, and dealing with cross-cultural issues. Project managers can choose among different approaches to such ventures: centralized, decentralized and cooperative. We discuss(More)
Ah, the water cooler. No other element of the office environment conjures up such visions of camaraderie and congeniality as does the water cooler (or its equivalent; when I worked in Italy, we chatted by---of course---the espresso machine). Often a centerpiece of cartoons and anecdotes, the water cooler has come to symbolize the social glue that holds our(More)
The study presents data on the reversible aggregation of erythrocytes in 50 children with chronic opisthorchiasis and 45 children with inflammatory diseases of the upper digestive tract without opisthorchiasis (chronic gastroduodenitis, duodenal ulcers), all patients aged from 7 to 17 years. The results of using reamberin for detoxification therapy at the(More)
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