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Widespread degradation of aquatic habitat and water quality has occurred since European settlement in Australia. Repairing this degradation is expensive and hence on-ground management needs to be carefully focussed. The Sediment River Network model, SedNet, used to estimate (spatially) the sources and transport of sediment at catchment scales provides a(More)
This paper presents a process for estimating pollutant loads from water quality data, to improve catchment-scale modelling in the region for resource management purposes. It describes a program to estimate suspended sediment, total and dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus loads to the Tuross estuary from the Tuross River catchment (1810 km(2)) of coastal(More)
This article analyses the benefits and shortcomings of the recently developed decision support systems (DSS) FLUMAGIS, Elbe-DSS, CatchMODS, and MedAction. The analysis elaborates on the following aspects: (i) application area/decision problem, (ii) stakeholder interaction/users involved, (iii) structure of DSS/model structure, (iv) usage of the DSS, and(More)
This paper reviews available models for estimating surface erosion and sediment delivery to streams from unsealed roads. It summarises current progress and identifies directions for ongoing research and model development. The paper provides a framework for assessing road erosion and sediment delivery models and it includes an overview of road erosion and(More)