Lachlan T. H. Newham

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This article analyses the benefits and shortcomings of the recently developed decision support systems (DSS) FLUMAGIS, Elbe-DSS, CatchMODS, and MedAction. The analysis elaborates on the following aspects: (i) application area/decision problem, (ii) stakeholder interaction/users involved, (iii) structure of DSS/model structure, (iv) usage of the DSS, and(More)
This paper reviews available models for estimating surface erosion and sediment delivery to streams from unsealed roads. It summarises current progress and identifies directions for ongoing research and model development. The paper provides a framework for assessing road erosion and sediment delivery models and it includes an overview of road erosion and(More)
Modeling techniques for estimating pollutant loadings to water bodies range from simple export coefficient and regression models to more complex mechanistic models. All export coefficient models and many complex mechanistic models rely on pollutant export coefficients to estimate pollution sources and transport in large watersheds. Typically, pollutant(More)
A catchment-scale framework was developed to assess the contribution of sediment sources from farm management actions, gully and streambank erosion on the suspended sediment loads delivered to rivers and associatedwetlands andfloodplains for two catchments (AvonRichardson, 2885 km2 andAvoca, 4550 km2) in Victoria, south-easternAustralia. After considering(More)
This paper investigates index models as a tool to estimate the risk of N and P source strengths and loss at the catchment scale. The index models assist managers in improving the focus of remediation actions that reduce nutrient delivery to waterbodies. N and P source risk factors (e.g. soil nutrient concentrations) and transport risk factors (e.g.(More)
Road surface erosion is increasingly recognised as a potentially important source of suspended sediment delivered to streams and other water bodies, particularly in forested catchments. As a result, several models have been developed to estimate erosion rates and sediment delivery from unsealed roads. However, few studies have integrated such models or(More)