Lachlan Nicholls

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Free space propagation and conventional optical systems such as lenses and mirrors all perform spatial unitary transforms. However, the subset of transforms available through these conventional systems is limited in scope. We present here a unitary programmable mode converter (UPMC) capable of performing any spatial unitary transform of the light field. It(More)
Biosynthesis of specifically deuterated molecules and difference scalar decoupling permitted an analysis of all C alpha-C beta spin systems of gramicidin S. Proof is presented that proton magnetic resonance spectra obtained by difference scalar decoupling yield not only spectral assignments and simplification but also accurate chemicals shifts and scalar(More)
All proton magnetic resonance lines of the NH-CHalpha-CH2beta fragments of five amino acid residues of the heterodetic peptide, tocinamide, have been analyzed, including reassigment of certain NH, CHalpha, and CH2beta resonances. The 1H NMR spectral parameters evaluated from this analysis include (a) all chemical shifts, (b) (3JNHCH), (3Jalpha beta), and(More)
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