Lachlan Blackhall

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OBJECTIVE To study differences in the attitudes of elderly subjects from different ethnic groups toward disclosure of the diagnosis and prognosis of a terminal illness and toward end-of-life decision making. DESIGN Survey. SETTING Thirty-one senior citizen centers within Los Angeles County, California. RESPONDENTS A stratified quota sample of 200(More)
The ethical and legal implications of decisions to withhold and withdraw life support have been widely debated. Making end-of-life decisions is never easy, and when the cultural background of doctor and patient differ, communication about these issues may become even more difficult. In this study, we examined the attitudes of people aged 65 and older from(More)
Research into reactive collision avoidance for unmanned aerial vehicles has been conducted on unmanned terrestrial and mini aerial vehicles utilising active Doppler radar obstacle detection sensors. Flight tests conducted by flying a mini UAV at an obstacle have confirmed that a simple reactive collision avoidance algorithm enables aerial vehicles to(More)
Culture fundamentally shapes how individuals make meaning out of illness, suffering, and dying. With increasing diversity in the United States, encounters between patients and physicians of different backgrounds are becoming more common. Thus the risk for cross-cultural misunderstandings surrounding care at the end of life is also increasing. Studies have(More)
Introduction The authoring, storage, delivery and reuse of educational content is rapidly becoming a significant problem in the tertiary education sector where significant content is generated for the plethora of courses delivered each year. Effectively being able to manage this authoring process (authoring, storage, delivery and reuse) will offer(More)
A two-year, multidisciplinary study (N = 800) was conducted on attitudes about end-of-life decision making among elderly individuals in four ethnic groups (African American, European American, Korean American, and Mexican American). On a quantitative survey, Korean Americans reported negative attitudes about the use of life-sustaining technology for(More)
A method for determining (diagnosing) the operational mode of a hybrid dynamical network using model based diagnosis is presented. This methodology unifies discrete diagnosis capabilities with the continuous time dynamics of hybrid dynam-ical networks. This method is novel in that the diagnosis is not performed on the output trajec-tory of the network but(More)
Results for the diagnosability of hybrid dynamical networks are presented. These results give the conditions for which arbitrary events (including faults) in hybrid networks can be detected and isolated using a general class of indicator functions. These results emerge from the overlap of the control theoretic fault detection and isolation (FDI) and(More)