Lachlan Blackhall

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Research into reactive collision avoidance for unmanned aerial vehicles has been conducted on unmanned terrestrial and mini aerial vehicles utilising active Doppler radar obstacle detection sensors. Flight tests conducted by flying a mini UAV at an obstacle have confirmed that a simple reactive collision avoidance algorithm enables aerial vehicles to(More)
A method for determining (diagnosing) the operational mode of a hybrid dynamical network using model based diagnosis is presented. This methodology unifies discrete diagnosis capabilities with the continuous time dynamics of hybrid dynamical networks. This method is novel in that the diagnosis is not performed on the output trajectory of the network but(More)
Results for the diagnosability of hybrid dynamical networks are presented. These results give the conditions for which arbitrary events (including faults) in hybrid networks can be detected and isolated using a general class of indicator functions. These results emerge from the overlap of the control theoretic fault detection and isolation (FDI) and(More)
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