Lachlan A. Campbell

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We report the final redshift release of the 6dF Galaxy Survey, a combined redshift and peculiar velocity survey over the southern sky (|b| > 10◦). Its 136 304 spectra have yielded 110 256 new extragalactic redshifts and a new catalogue of 125 071 galaxies making near-complete samples with (K, H, J, rF, bJ) 6 (12.65, 12.95, 13.75, 15.60, 16.75). The median(More)
Between October 6, 1986 and September 17, 1987, 11 patients underwent insertion of mandibular dental prostheses by the same oral surgeon. Three patients suffered cardiac arrest during surgery and subsequently died. Two of the patients who died had received general anaesthetics and the other had intravenous sedation given by three different anaesthetists.(More)
Three serial cases of fatal venous air embolism were reported after mandibular prosthetic dental surgery. Initially attributed to anesthetic factors, the deaths resulted from intraosseous irrigation with coolant tap water and air. Pulmonary edema was seen on chest roentgenograms and might have suggested the cause of death.
This study evaluated estuarine habitat use, life-history composition, growth and survival of four successive broods of coho salmon Oncoryhnchus kisutch in Salmon River, Oregon, U.S.A. Subyearling and yearling O. kisutch used restored and natural estuarine wetlands, particularly in the spring and winter. Stream-reared yearling smolts spent an average of 2(More)
Wide-scale redshift surveys such as the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey and Sloan Digital Sky Survey have made significant advances in our understanding of the matter and structure of the wider universe. However, their optical selection inevitably biases them in favour of currently star-forming galaxies. They also have fields of view too small to allow full sky(More)
The 6dF Galaxy Survey will provide 167000 redshifts and about 15000 peculiar velocities for galaxies over most of the southern sky out to about cz = 30000 km s. The survey is currently almost half complete, with the final observations due in mid-2005. An initial data release was made public in December 2002; the first third of the dataset will be released(More)
The 6dF Galaxy Survey (6dFGS) is an all-southern-sky galaxy survey, including 125,000 redshifts and a Fundamental Plane (FP) subsample of 10,000 peculiar velocities. This makes 6dFGS the largest peculiar-velocity sample to date. We have fitted the FP with a trivariate Gaussian model using a maximum-likelihood approach, and derive the Bayesian probability(More)
The 6dF Galaxy Survey provides a very large sample of galaxies with reliable measurements of Lick line indices and velocity dispersions. This sample can be used to explore the correlations between mass and stellar population parameters such as age, metallicity and [α/Fe]. Preliminary results from such an analysis are presented here, and show that age and(More)
We report the 6dFGS Fundamental Plane (6dFGSv) catalogue that is used to estimate distances and peculiar velocities for nearly 9 000 early-type galaxies in the local (z<0.055) universe. Velocity dispersions are derived by cross-correlation from 6dF V-band spectra with typical S/N of 12.9 Å−1 for a sample of 11 315 galaxies; the median velocity dispersion is(More)