Lacey Hopper

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During both regulatory and routine surveillance sampling of baitfish from the states of Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, and Wisconsin, USA, isolates (n = 20) of a previously unknown picornavirus were obtained from kidney/spleen or entire viscera of fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) and brassy minnows (Hybognathus hankinsoni). Following the appearance of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in an Australian urban community, and to describe the pattern of disease and outcomes in a community hospital intensive care unit (ICU). SETTING An eight-bed general ICU in a community hospital. DESIGN Retrospective chart review. PATIENTS 32 patients identified over(More)
BACKGROUND Emphysema is associated with a reduction in carbon monoxide transfer coefficient (TLCO/VA), but little is known about the evolution of changes in TLCO/VA in middle aged smokers at risk of developing chronic airflow obstruction. METHODS TLCO/VA (single breath method) was measured on two occasions 10 years apart in 122 middle aged men. RESULTS(More)
Pulmonary function was measured before and at intervals after treatment in 44 patients who received a bone marrow transplant for chronic myeloid leukaemia in the chronic phase. All patients were treated with cytotoxic drugs, total body irradiation, and post-graft immunosuppression. Thirty four patients surviving for 12 months were followed at three monthly(More)
AIM Tumours in the retrorectal space are rare and pathologically heterogeneous. The roles of imaging and preoperative biopsy, nonoperative management and the indications for surgical resection are controversial. This study investigated a series of retrorectal tumours treated in a single institution with the aim of producing a modern improved management(More)
In 2009, juvenile pallid sturgeon Scaphirhynchus albus, reared at the Blind Pony State Fish Hatchery (Missouri, USA) to replenish dwindling wild stocks, experienced mass mortality. Histological examination revealed extensive necrosis of the haematopoietic tissues, and a virus was isolated from affected organs in cell culture and then observed by electron(More)
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