Lacey Haines

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PURPOSE The rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax), is a teleost fish, which avoids freezing by becoming virtually isosmotic with seawater. The effects that such massive changes in osmolarity have on both its visual system and its highly evolved and specialized circulation are not known. New knowledge about the osmotic adaptation of the rainbow smelt eye is highly(More)
PURPOSE To visualize in vivo and quantify the thickness of the posterior corneal layers: the acellular pre-Descemet's layer (PDL), Descemet's membrane (DM), and endothelium (END) in healthy subjects, using ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography (UHR-OCT). METHODS A research-grade, 800-nm UHR-OCT system with 0.95-μm axial resolution in corneal(More)
Urine specimens containing 11 common beta blockers were processed using solid-phase extraction technology to extract the drugs from the urine matrix, then converted to their cyclic methaneboronates by treatment with methaneboronic acid in ethyl acetate. The compounds tested included acebutolol, atenolol, alprenolol, bisoprolol, betaxolol, carteolol,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the change in over-refraction, if any, after a scleral lens settled on the eye for 6-8 h. METHODS Sixteen patients of varying refractive errors and normal corneal curvatures (measured with Pentacam™ Oculus) were fitted with trial Mini-Scleral Design (MSD) scleral lenses (15.8 mm diameter) in one eye. The(More)
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