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The information from these trials should aid in the design of future treatment strategies for leukemia patients at high risk of early relapse. Since VM26 in combination chemotherapy effectively destroyed populations of leukemia cells not susceptible to the cytotoxic activity of conventional agents, its most important future role may be in alternate(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is a serious and often fatal clinical syndrome, resulting from infection. Information on patient demographics, risk factors, and infections leading to sepsis is needed to integrate comprehensive sepsis prevention, early recognition, and treatment strategies. METHODS To describe characteristics of patients with sepsis, CDC and partners(More)
BACKGROUND Treatments for health care-associated infections (HAIs) caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and Clostridium difficile are limited, and some patients have developed untreatable infections. Evidence-supported interventions are available, but coordinated approaches to interrupt the spread of HAIs could have a greater impact on reversing the(More)
BACKGROUND Health care-associated antibiotic-resistant (AR) infections increase patient morbidity and mortality and might be impossible to successfully treat with any antibiotic. CDC assessed health care-associated infections (HAI), including Clostridium difficile infections (CDI), and the role of six AR bacteria of highest concern nationwide in several(More)
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