Lacaille Florence

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Injury of the lumbar arteries is a cause of potentially life-threatening retroperitoneal hemorrhage. Twelve patients who sustained massive hemorrhage of the lumbar arteries associated with lumbar spinal fractures and/or pelvic fractures are described. Computed tomography (CT) was helpful by revealing a distinct separation of the lumbar hemorrhage from the(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The treatment of children with Hirschsprung's disease beginning in the proximal jejunum remains a challenge for the pediatric surgeon. These patients need a definitive parenteral nutrition, which could lead to a liver impairment. The goal of this work is to assess the quality of life after combined liver, intestine, and right colon(More)
Liver cancer is the most common of all malignancies worldwide, its incidence reaching almost epidemic proportions in some countries. However, its significance in North America has generally been underemphasized. In a 5 year period, hepatocellular carcinoma was diagnosed in 35 adult patients in our institution. Preexisting liver inflammation was present in(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Despite growing interest in application natural models of hoof-maintenance in domestic horses, little data is available to describe natural conformation and proposed mechanisms of self-maintenance. OBJECTIVES Quantitatively describe hoof growth and wear during a period of 'self-trimming' within a herd of semi-feral ponies. (More)
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