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The prothrombin time (PT) is frequently performed to monitor anticoagulant therapy. Although relatively simple to perform, it requires venipuncture and laboratory resources for sample handling and analysis. A recently developed capillary whole blood device that uses fingerstick samples was evaluated. Paired capillary whole blood and reference plasma PTs(More)
Consultation and interprofessional collaboration by psychologists occur with individuals, groups, programs, and organizations. The practice of consultation and interprofessional collaboration involves interdisciplinary relationships, preparation, and advanced skill development within specialty areas of psychology (e.g., clinical, counseling,(More)
The profession of psychology is being impacted profoundly by broader changes within the national system of health care, as mental and behavioral health services are being recognized as essential components of a comprehensive, preventive, and cost-efficient primary care system. To fully define and embrace this role, the discipline of professional psychology(More)
Doctoral training programs in psychology are accredited by the American Psychological Association in four areas: Clinical, Counseling, School, and Combined-Integrated (C-I) psychology. Each area of doctoral preparation in psychology has its own council, which represents its interests within the field and to external constituents. Despite the fact that(More)
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