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Background—The main stumbling block in the clinical management and in the search for a cure of Alzheimer disease (AD) is that the cause of this disorder has remained uncertain until now. Summary of Review—Evidence that sporadic (nongenetic) AD is primarily a vascular rather than a neurodegenerative disorder is reviewed. This conclusion is based on the(More)
In a review of our experience with the extraction of foreign bodies using the fiberendoscope in 57 patients who ingested true foreign bodies and had food bolus impaction, we found 17 of the foreign bodies to be big metallic wires. The extraction technique used and the complications as a result of the object or the technique are given herein.
We present a general framework to deal with commutators of singular integral operators with BMO functions. Hörmander type conditions associated with Young functions are assumed on the kernels. Coifman type estimates, weighted norm inequalities and two-weight estimates are considered. We give applications to homogeneous singular integrals, Fourier(More)
Aim: Interest in quality of economic analyses is increasing in the field of decision making. The Drummond’s checklist is a useful tool. This study aimed to use a weighted version of Drummond’s checklist together with a Consensus of experts to derive a new scoring system to improve the evaluation of economic analyses of HPV tetravalent vaccine as a case(More)
In May 2000, six years after the last outbreak, Argentina was declared by OIE “FMD-free without vaccination”. In July 2000, first outbreak of FMD was reported and the disease spread through the main livestock area. Initial control measures included slaughter, ring vaccination and restriction of animal movements. Later on the control programme consisted(More)
C wraparound is an approach that expands on the wraparound services model defined by the National Wraparound Initiative by establishing a higher standard for cultural competence. This article describes how to implement these cultural components and offers preliminary comparative findings based on the experience of Connecting Circles of Care (CCOC), a(More)