La-Ping Liu

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Four ergosterol derivatives (1-4) have been isolated for the first time from the fruiting bodies of a basidiomycete fungus, Lactarius hatsudake, through activity-guided fractionation. Their structures were determined, using spectroscopic analysis, as: (22E,24R)-ergosta-5,7,22-dien-3beta-ol (ergosterol, 1);(More)
Five new (4-8) and three known (1-3) dihydro-β-agarofuran sesquiterpene polyesters were isolated from the whole plants of Parnassia wightiana. The structures of all compounds were elucidated through spectroscopic analysis including 2D-NMR and HR-MS. The absolute configuration of these compounds was established by X-ray diffraction analysis, comparison of(More)
The family Russulaceae is one of the largest in the subdivision basidiomycotina in Whitthaker’s Kingdom of Fungi and comprises hundreds of species [1]. While secondary metabolites occurring in the fruiting bodies of European Lactarius species have been well investigated [2], the genus mushrooms growing in China have received less attention, notwithstanding(More)
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