La Dora McKinney

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This article presents family-level results from an ongoing study examining the impact of the CHAMP (Chicago HIV prevention and Adolescent Mental health Project) Family Program, a family-based HIV preventative intervention meant to reduce the amount of time spent in situations of sexual possibility and delay initiation of sexual activity for urban youth in(More)
This article addresses the increasing need within urban communities for effective, culturally relevant HIV prevention programs. The recruitment efforts of a family-based prevention program aimed at promoting health and preventing HIV risk exposure in urban, African American fourth and fifth grade children living in a community with high rates of HIV(More)
As the contributors are from the UK, Europe and North America, there is a noticeable difference in practice. The UK screening guidelines are not the same as those in North America. Criteria for genetic testing also differ. This can be confusing to those who want to get information for their patients, so make sure you have read the relevant chapter. Such(More)
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