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This multicentre, randomized, open-label, prospective trial is evaluating the effects of switching treatment from a protease inhibitor (PI)-containing regimen to one containing the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitor nevirapine in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients with durable viral suppression but suffering from(More)
The sexual performance of Anastrepha ludens males of the Tapachula-7 genetic sexing strain, produced via selection based on mating success, was compared with that of males produced without selection in competition with wild males. Mating competition, development time, survival, mass-rearing quality parameters and pheromone production were compared. The(More)
  • CARMEN IGLESIAS-DE, La Cruz, +4 authors Manuel Rodrı́guez-Puyol
  • 1999
Iglesias-de la Cruz, Carmen, Piedad Ruiz-Torres, Raimundo Garcı́a del Moral, Manuel Rodrı́guez-Puyol, and Diego Rodrı́guez-Puyol. Age-related progressive renal fibrosis in rats and its prevention with ACE inhibitors and taurine. Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol. 278: F122–F129, 2000.—Our previous studies demonstrated an increased reactive oxygen species (ROS)(More)
The past decades have seen a massive expansion in the application of statistical and machine learning methods to natural language processing (NLP). This work has yielded impressive results in numerous speech and language processing tasks including speech recognition, morphological analysis, parsing, lexical acquisition, semantic interpretation, and dialogue(More)
The genus Sceloporus is one of the largest genus of lizards in North and Central America, with 22 species groups. Among these, the torquatus group has a notably wide geographic distribution with populations occurring from southern United States to Guatemala. In spite of the taxonomical work done with the group, some problems remain unsolved. We therefore(More)
OBJECTIVE a) To find the reasons for inadequate use of Hospital Casualty Departments (HCDs); b) to discover the general population's levels of information concerning non-hospital Emergency Services (NESs); c) to analyse the relationship between the type of Primary Care Centre (PCC), i.e. whether reformed or not, and inadequate use of HCDs. DESIGN A(More)
Areas of Specialization struCtural Biology & BioinformatiCs Plant genetiCs Protein BioChemistry DeveloPmental Biology ComPutational BioinformatiCs laBoratory moleCular genetiCs of leaf DeveloPment PlastiD moleCular genetiCs moleCular genetiCs of meiotiC reComBination & Chromosome segregation moleCular Biology of Plant DeveloPment DeveloPmental & moleCular(More)
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