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The processing technology employed in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is significant and distinct. Meanwhile, the processed Coptis chinensis Franch. are significant in clinic based on clinical practice and literature. The current study used ultraperformance liquid chromatography method (UPLC) coupled with quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry(More)
Five new terpenoids including 2 labdane diterpenoids (1 and 2), 2 ent-kaurane diterpenoids (3 and 4), and a new oleanane triterpenoid (5), along with 13 known compounds (6-18), were isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction of 70% acetone extract of the rhizomes of Isodonadenantha. Their structures were elucidated based on the analyses of spectroscopic data(More)
Two new labdane-type diterpenes (adenanthic acids A and B; 1 and 2, resp.) and three new labdane diterpene glycosides (adenanthosides A-C; 3-5, resp.) were isolated from the roots of Isodon adenantha, together with 23 known constituents including seven diterpenoids (6-12), eight triterpenoids (13-20), one lignan glycoside (21), six steroids (22-27), and one(More)
To analyze components of Citrus reticulata and salt-processed C. reticulata by ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC-Q-TOF/MS), and compared the changes in components before and after being processed with salt. Principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares discriminant analysis(More)
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