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This paper describes an ongoing Portuguese Language grammar checker project, called CoGrOO1-Corretor Gramatical para OpenOffice (Grammar Checker for OpenOffice), based on CETENFOLHA, a Brazilian Portuguese morphosyntactic annotated Corpus. Two of its features are highlighted: hybrid architecture, mixing rules and statistics; free software project. This(More)
This paper describes a Portuguese language grammar checker project, called CoGrOO - Corretor Gramatical para o OpenOffice (Grammar Checker for OpenOffice). Two of its features are highlighted: 1) hybrid architecture, mixing rules and statistics; 2) free software project. This project aims to check grammatical errors such as nominal and verbal agreement,(More)
This paper provides an analysis of the main methods for sentence classification in scientific papers and evaluates the feasibility of this technique in unstructured papers in Software Engineering area, in order to automatically find the study results in this area. Tests conducted with the existing methods using unstructured Test Software papers showed(More)
With the emergence of Information Extraction Systems driven by ontologies, boosted by the Semantic Web, there is a need for the development of scoring schemas that enable the automatic classification of information. These schemas, even so little explored in the Portuguese language, provide measures used in the stage of classification of relevant instances(More)
Difficulties in the early stages of software development can negatively affect conceptual modeling. Errors at this stage (modeling) give rise to conceptual models that do not correctly represent the interests of users. In turn, domain ontologies can be used to minimize such errors. The purpose of this study is to show that the use of the IMS LD ontology can(More)
The increasing in the production and availability of unstructured information on the Web grows daily. This abundance of unstructured information is a great challenge for acquisition of structured knowledge. Many approaches have been proposed for extracting information from texts written in natural language. However, only a few studies have investigated the(More)
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