Laís Ferreira Maia

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Two new steroidal glycosides, 3beta-O-(3'-O-acetyl-beta-D-arabinopyranosyl)-25xi-choles tan e-3beta, 5alpha,6beta,26-tetrol-26-acetate (riisein A, 2) and 3beta-O-(4'-O-acetyl-beta-D-arabinopyranosyl)-25xi-choles tan e-3beta, 5alpha,6beta,26-tetrol-26-acetate (riisein B, 3), were isolated from extracts of the Brazilian telestacean octocoral Carijoa (Telesto)(More)
Morphological traits are useful to investigate insect sex-related differences in body size and to reveal differences in resource use. It has been suggested that as the resource increases, so does the body size of organisms interacting with the resource, highlighting the crucial role of resource quality and quantity in determining the morphological traits of(More)
Positive or negative prey abundance covariances play an important role in determining prey preference of predators. The goal here was to understand how variations in abundance of two blowfly prey species, a native and a non-native species, influence the switching behavior and functional response of Chrysomya albiceps, an intraguild predatory blowfly, under(More)
Colour and pattern are key traits with important roles in camouflage, warning and attraction. Ideally, in order to begin to understand the evolution and ecology of colour in nature, it is important to identify and, where possible, fully characterise pigments using biochemical methods. The phylum Mollusca includes some of the most beautiful exemplars of(More)
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