Laís Carvalho Gomes

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Reservoirs have been built in almost all of the hydrographic basins of Brazil. Their purposes include water supply for cities, irrigation and mainly, generation of electricity. There are more than 700 large dams and associated reservoirs in the large rivers of the country. These reservoirs favor local and regional economic development, but they also bring(More)
In this work, spatial and temporal variations in the diversity (species richness and Simpson's Diversity Index) and abundance (indexed by the capture per unit effort--CPUE; total and for reproductive groups) of fish from three rivers (Baía, Ivinheima and Paraná) located in a floodplain of the Upper Paraná River basin were analyzed over a period of 20 years(More)
In this study, we identified and characterized the hydrographic attributes related to the success of recruitment of migratory fishes in the Upper Paraná River floodplain. To achieve our objectives, we analyzed inter-annual variations in the abundance of young-of-the-year (YOY; index of recruitment) of six migratory species and their relations with(More)
The great freshwater fish diversity found in the neotropical region makes management and conservation actions challenging. Due to shortage of taxonomists and insufficient infrastructure to deal with such great biodiversity (i.e. taxonomic impediment), proposed remedies to accelerate species identification and descriptions include techniques that combine(More)
Flood pulses affect floodplain enrichment via the incorporation of nutrients and terrestrial biomass. As a result, they positively affect the body condition of aquatic organisms. This paper evaluates whether the absence of floods (resulting from dam control) affects the feeding activity and body condition of piscivorous fish. In addition, whether piscivores(More)
Fish reproductive guilds were used to evaluate the responses of species with different reproductive strategies during two different periods of post-dam construction. The data used for the comparisons were collected in the upper Paraná River floodplain (Brazil), downstream of the Porto Primavera dam, 2 and 10 years after impoundment. The abundance (catch per(More)
The case of a 6 year old with soiling along with looseness of bowel and nocturnal soiling is reported. After failing to respond to conventional treatments, his symptoms remitted on a small dose of amitriptyline. Within the diversity of presentations of soiling, there may be a subgroup, not usually amenable to treatment, who can benefit from symptomatic(More)
Aims: Investigate the prevalence of hepatitis A, B and C and use of infection control procedures by dental health care workers. Methods: 284 dentists were submitted to hepatitis prevalence serologic analysis and answered a questionnaire about infection control practices. Results: three dentists were anti-HAV IgM positive. Anti-HBc was positive in 19(More)
OBJECTIVE: The present study analyzes the consequences of X-irradiation for the development of the nervous system of rat fetuses. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The sample included ten eight-week-old, pregnant Rattus norvegicus albinus, Wistar. Five female rats constituted the control group and other five had their abdominal region exposed for 30 seconds to a(More)