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Total synthesis of the purported structure of sclerophytin F.
Comparison of the spectroscopic data for synthetic material to that reported for sclerophytin F shows that the natural product does not have the revised structure possessing the 3S configuration (*) proposed previously.
Synthesis of fluorocyclopropanes via the enantioselective cyclopropanation of fluoro-substituted allylic alcohols using zinc carbenoids
Cyclopropanation reactions using zinc carbenoids are a powerful means to access cyclopropanes. Described herein is an enantioselective version of the reaction using zinc reagents and a chiral dioxa...
Synthesis of four diastereomers of sclerophytin F and structural reassignment of several sclerophytin natural products.
Re-analysis of the NMR spectroscopic data for known sclerophytin natural products and synthetic analogues leads to the conclusion that sclerophicaltins E and F are the same compound.
Asymmetric Synthesis of Fluoro, Fluoromethyl, Difluoromethyl, and Trifluoromethylcyclopropanes.
ConspectusFluorine-containing cyclopropanes are a subclass of cyclopropane derivatives that have generated considerable interest in medicinal chemistry for several decades. The replacement of a
Total synthesis of the proposed structure of sclerophytin F and structure re-evaluation
The thesis presents the first enantioselective synthesis of the proposed structure of sclerophytin F and consequently, the first total synthesis of a cladiellin family member having the
Total Synthesis of the Purported Structure of Sclerophytin F.
The synthesis of compound (I) is based on the proposed structure of natural product sclerophytin F.