Laçine Aksoy

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Thermopsis turcica, endemic to Turkey, is in danger of extinction. Studies on this species are very few due to the fact that it was only discovered in 1983 and grows in a small circumscribed area in Turkey. In this study, free radical scavenging activity, total phenolic content, total oxidant status (TOS), and total antioxidant status (TAS) of methanol(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, anti-inflammatory effects of Royal Jelly were investigated by inducing renal inflammation in rats with the use of ethylene glycol. For this purpose, the calcium oxalate urolithiasis model was obtained by feeding rats with ethylene glycol in drinking water. MATERIALS AND METHODS The rats were divided in five study groups. The 1st(More)
This paper is a study on the effects on the amounts of trace elements in case of possible repeat accidental or environmental exposure with fish oil biodiesel. For this purpose, 35 male Wistar albino rats were used in the study. Rats were divided into five groups. The first group was determined as the control group. The rats in this group were gavaged orally(More)
This study was conducted to compare the effects of oral toxicity induced by fish oil biodiesel and diesel fuel. Diesel and fish oil biodiesel were administered by oral gavage to rats. For this purpose, 35 rats were divided into five groups. Sunflower oil of 250 mg kg(-1) was administered to the rats in the control group by oral gavage. The rats in the D250(More)
The study investigated the toxic effects of diesel and biodiesel derived from opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) oil seeds on the trace and major elements in kidney, lung, liver, and serum of rats. By the end of 21 days, trace and major element concentrations in kidney, lung, and liver tissues and the serum were measured using inductively coupled(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM The aim of this study is to scrutinize the effects of crocin on obesity and type-2 diabetes, with an approach that takes oxidative stress and inflammatory parameters into account. MATERIALS AND METHODS The experimental obesity model was created by utilizing a 10-week-long high-fat diet (HFD). An experimental type-2 diabetes model was(More)
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