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In a series of 760 patients with adenocarcinoma of the colon and rectum, 103 patients presented with acute obstruction requiring urgent surgical decompression. Obstructed patients were slightly older and had slightly more advanced tumors than the total group. Obstructing lesions of the left colon treated primarily by staged procedures had relatively low(More)
We reviewed the long-term results of management of 38 patients with carcinoma in colorectal polyps. Of these, 16 patients demonstrated malignant invasion of the lamina propria but not the muscularis mucosa (group I), and 22 patients showed malignant invasion of the muscularis mucosa (group II). Primary therapy for group I patients consisted of polypectomy(More)
One hundred forty-eight cases of colon carcinoma were subjected to further pathologic study. Survival was correlated with stage and grade of the tumor and with the number of involved lymph nodes. In addition, cases were assessed as to the extent of local chronic inflammatory reaction about the lesion and the degree of sinus histiocytosis in draining lymph(More)
Two cases of cholangiocarcinoma developing several years after choledochoenteric anastomoses are reported. It is speculated that these may represent heretofore unrecognized late complications of this procedure. The intermittent chronic obstruction with bile stasis and recurrent inflammation may be causative factors in the development of cholangiocarcinoma(More)