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In part 2 of this series, we look at the clinician's role in replacing multiple missing teeth and the associated soft tissues and bone, following severe forms of trauma. These patients usually wish to have fixed prostheses to help restore their appearance and function. In order to fulfil the patient's request, the multidisciplinary team can be faced with(More)
1 school of health sciences, dalhousie university; 2 capital district health authority; 3 school of Physiotherapy, dalhousie university; 4 rn Professional development centre, halifax, ns kfspurr@dal.ca InTRODUCTIOn/OBJECTIVES: For more than a decade, healthcare professionals have learned the process of using research evidence to inform clinical(More)
The first part of this series on severe hypodontia discussed the assessment of patients and factors to consider when treatment planning for the provision of conventional restorative solutions. This article discusses the provision of implant supported prostheses in the severe hypodontia patient who typically presents with inadequate bone volume and other(More)
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