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Fitting amplification to a patient with Ménière's disease (MD) can present several challenges to the dispensing audiologist. These challenges include the presence of fluctuating hearing loss, a rising audiometric configuration, unilateral or asymmetrical hearing loss, reduced dynamic range, and reduced word-recognition scores. The presence of any one of(More)
In this article the author describes in detail the adaptation of adult vestibular testing techniques to the pediatric population. Assessment tools discussed include video-oculography (VOG), computerized rotary chair (CRC), computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs). As with hearing impairment, the earlier a(More)
These two cases illustrate several important areas of vestibular evaluation with children. The two case reports represent two children who display very different vestibular findings despite having significant sensorineural hearing loss. These case reports highlight that pediatric findings can differ significantly from adult findings, stressing the(More)
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