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In a group of 299 migraine patients and 306 control subjects, the association of the -308 G/A polymorphism in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene (TNFalpha) with the occurrence and clinical characteristics of migraine was tested. Homozygosity for the G allele was associated with an increased risk of migraine (odds ratio [OR] = 2.85, p < 0.001). When the(More)
Objective To compare the efficacy and safety of frovatriptan and almotriptan in women with menstrually related migraine (IHS Classification of Headache disorders) enrolled in a multicenter, randomized, double blind, cross-over study. Methods Patients received frovatriptan 2.5 mg or almotriptan 12.5 mg in a randomized sequence: after treating 3 episodes of(More)
We examined the distribution of HLA-DRB1 alleles in a cohort of 255 Italian migraine patients and in a control group of 325 healthy subjects. The frequency of DRB1*12 allele was found to be significantly reduced (p=0.02) in patients with migraine while the DRB1*16 allele was significantly increased (p=0.04) in comparison with controls. When the patients(More)
The internal working model on attachment dimensions changes with significant emotional experiences. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if and how the internal working models correlate with primary headaches. Attachment dimensions of subjects suffering from primary headaches were studied. One hundred and fourteen subjects [68 with migraine, 23 with(More)
Several polymorphisms of the hypocretin/orexin system genes were evaluated in 109 cluster headache patients and 211 controls. The 1246 G>A polymorphism of the gene was significantly different between cases and controls. Homozygosity for the G allele was associated with an increased disease risk (OR: 6.79, 95% CI, 2.25 to 22.99). The data suggest that the(More)
The objective was to evaluate the prevalence and the characteristics of anger and emotional distress in migraine and tension- type headache patients. Two hundred and one headache patients attending the Headache Center of the University of Turin were selected for the study and divided into 5 groups: (1) migraine, (2) episodic tension-type headache, (3)(More)
The onset of post-traumatic headache occurs frequently in children, where it is often caused by severe head injuries, therefore, it is part of a post-traumatic syndrome, rather than of an independent headache and in this case no cause is clearly evident. The problem, conversely, arises in post-traumatic headache after a light trauma, since it is difficult(More)
Hypertensive crises are commonly observed in an emergency room. Regardless blood pressure values, hypertensive crises are classified in emergencies, characterized by life-threatening acute organ damage, and urgencies, with no evidence of acute or progressive organ injury. In an hypertensive emergency an appropriate and immediate management with parenteral(More)
Aim Aim of our study was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) in migraine with aura (MA) management, in a sample afferent to the We analyzed the medical records of 196 patients affering consecutively to our Centre between 1995 and 2007 and receiving a prophylactic treatment, dividing them in two groups: the ones receiving(More)