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Streptokinase, a 47-kDa protein isolated and secreted by most group A, C and G ss-hemolytic streptococci, interacts with and activates human protein plasminogen to form an active complex capable of converting other plasminogen molecules to plasmin. Our objective was to compare five streptokinase formulations commercially available in Brazil in terms of(More)
This study analyses the economic aspects of a eucalypt-based agroforestry system established in the savanna region of Brazil. In 1993,eucalypt clones were planted at a spacing of 10 × 4 m, to facilitate their future association with crops and pasture grasses. The results show that the establishment and maintenance costs represent 37% of the total costs(More)
This study analyses the effects of cattle and sheep grazing in newly established eucalypt plantations. The research was carried out using six separate treatment plots each having a different combination and number of animals. The results indicate that the silvopastoral approach can help control grass competition and reduce stand establishment costs. The(More)
This project was established in the Doce River Valley in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The objective was to study the effect of intercropping one, two, three and four rows of maize between eucalypt seedlings planted in a 3.0×2.0 m spacing. Eucalypt data were collected at the age of six months when the maize was harvested. One row of maize intercropped(More)
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