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In the present study we show that expression of the neural PKC-substrate B-50 (growth-associated protein [GAP-43]) in Rat-1 fibroblasts induced the formation of filopodial extensions during spreading. This morphological change was accompanied by an enhanced formation of peripheral actin filaments and by accumulation of vinculin immunoreactivity in(More)
B-50 (GAP-43) is a neural, membrane-associated protein that has been implicated in neurite outgrowth and guidance. Following stable transfection of Rat1 fibroblasts with B-50 cDNA we observed a dispersed distribution of B-50 immunoreactivity in flattened resting cells. In contrast, motile cells exhibited high concentrations of B-50 at the leading edge of(More)
B-50 (GAP-43) is an axonal, plasma membrane-associated protein involved in growth cone morphology and function. We have conducted immunocytochemical, electron microscopic, and time-lapse experiments to visualize morphological consequences of local accumulations of B-50 at the plasma membrane of B-50-transfected PC-B2 cells, a clonal PC12 cell line with very(More)
We have examined the subcellular distribution of the growth-associated protein B-50 (GAP-43) in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells, using confocal microscopy. Proliferating PC12 cells contained very low levels of B-50 in the cytosol. Enhanced expression of B-50 in these cells, evoked by either nerve growth factor (NGF) treatment or transient transfection with(More)
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