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Forty-nine patients with active rheumatoid arthritis completed a 24-week, prospective, double-blind, randomized study of dietary supplementation with 2 different dosages of fish oil and 1 dosage of olive oil. Clinical evaluations were performed at baseline and every 6 weeks thereafter, and immunologic variables were measured at baseline and after 24 weeks(More)
BACKGROUND Although diabetes mellitus is of high concern in Iran, and the level of control is unacceptable, few qualitative studies have been carried out to reflect the experiences of patients on the barriers and motivators to self-care. This study aimed to explore a culturally based experience of Iranian diabetic patients regarding the personal and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE to determine the efficacy of fish-oil dietary supplements in active rheumatoid arthritis and their effect on neutrophil leukotriene levels. DESIGN nonrandomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover trial with 14-week treatment periods and 4-week washout periods. SETTING academic medical center, referral-based rheumatology(More)
The effects of manipulation of dietary fatty acids in patients with rheumatoid arthritis were investigated in a 12-week, prospective, double-blind, controlled study. 17 patients took an experimental diet high in polyunsaturated fat and low in saturated fat, with a daily supplement (1.8 g) of eicosapentaenoic acid. 20 patients took a control diet with a(More)
To determine if long-term methotrexate-induced improvement of rheumatoid arthritis is sustained after the drug is discontinued, 10 unselected patients with responses to weekly oral methotrexate given for at least 36 months (mean 40.1) were randomly assigned to receive methotrexate or identical-appearing placebo tablets for two months. After one month, all(More)
Ocular toxicity of long-term hydroxychloroquine treatment was assessed by regular ophthalmologic examinations in 99 patients. No patient developed significant loss of vision or visual field constriction to a white test object. Three patients had evidence of toxicity, but the medication had to be permanently discontinued in only one who subsequently had(More)
A 70-year-old woman presenting with typical polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and a normal temporal artery biopsy appeared to respond completely to low-dose prednisone therapy. A subsequent biopsy showing temporal arteritis with a normal sedimentation rate and no recurrence of myalgic symptoms emphasizes the unpredictable course of treated PMR and the need for(More)