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The food additives propyl gallate and vanillin inhibited iron ion-dependent lipid peroxidation in rat-liver microsomes, but stimulated formation of a deoxyribose degrading species, probably hydroxyl radical, from ferric-EDTA and hydrogen peroxide. Propyl gallate accelerated DNA damage by the anti-tumour antibiotic bleomycin, although vanillin did not. The(More)
The regulation of the activity of purine transporters in two protozoan species, Crithidia fasciculata and Trypanosoma brucei brucei, was investigated in relation to purine availability and growth cycle. In C. fasciculata, two high-affinity purine nucleoside transporters were identified. The first, designated CfNT1, displayed a K(m) of 9.4 +/- 2.8 microM for(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether nurses' preferred learning styles varied according to subject area studied. Thirty nurses in a postgraduate centre specializing in cardiothoracic care were interviewed using a semi-structured technique. The results suggest that there is a change in learning style as different subjects are studied. Other(More)
The field of health research appears increasingly open to qualitative approaches. We celebrate the rise in qualitative and mixed methods publications and the marked presence of qualitative researchers in academic centres of health research. However, we note enduring tensions between the conceptual and methodological approaches of qualitative research and(More)
  • L Sutcliffe
  • 1993
Promoting heart health is an important component of preventive health care today. It involves health promotion issues which potentially fall within the remit of every practising nurse, such as helping clients to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, weight, stress, salt and alcohol intake, and to stop smoking.
This paper examines the factors influencing the choice of one College of Nursing when linking with an Institute of Higher Education, from which general principles can be drawn. The College is situated in Central London, within a Special Health Authority at a post graduate centre. The College currently offers courses in clinical nursing leading to English(More)
A process may be seen as that which has purpose, organization and structure, facilitating an act of moving forward. Thus, a process reflects Bruner's view of education as facilitating cognitive growth and as a way in which individuals explore and gain mastery over a complex world. A process approach is not without its problems, namely in that some nursing(More)