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This very important report from the United Kingdom assessing breast cancer screening clearly states that we must balance the potential benefits and harms of screening (Marmot et al, 2013). If we are not honest about the contributing causes of the adverse consequences in population screening, we have no chance to improve what we do. Importantly,(More)
The aim of this paper is to examine how physician behavior facilitated or impeded our implementation of decision and communication aids in a breast cancer clinic. Staff interns provided decision and communication aids to patients and wrote up case notes for each patient they served. We used grounded theory to code our staff interns’ case notes. We then(More)
We operate a decision support program in a medical center in San Francisco. In this program, postbaccalaureate, premedical interns deliver decision and communication, aids to patients. We asked whether working in this program helped these premedical interns develop key physician competencies. To measure physician competencies, we adopted the standards of(More)
Adaptive, seamless, multisponsor, multitherapy clinical trial designs executed as large scale platforms, could create superior evidence more efficiently than single-sponsor, single-drug trials. These trial PIPELINEs also could diminish barriers to trial participation, increase the representation of real-world populations, and create systematic evidence(More)
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