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Tetanus is an infectious disease affecting the neuromuscular system. Two of its most common symptoms, trismus and dysphagia, fall within the expertise of the otolaryngologist, and may result in the patient with the disease seeking his attention initially. Since the diagnosis of tetanus is a purely clinical one and does not involve diagnostic laboratory(More)
Twenty-seven subjects with a family history of Waardenburg's syndrome were examined with respect to 18 specific characteristics of the syndrome, with particular emphasis in identifying the spectrum of the phenotypic expression of affected persons. Our results indicate that patients with the syndrome may have a variety of clinical signs, and an accurate(More)
A 69-year-old male patient was admitted to hospital because a lump was discovered, accompanied with pain lasting 5 h under his right scapula. Two months earlier, he had undergone a double-stent insertion operation due to lesions on the end of the left main coronary artery, the opening of left circumflex artery, and the opening of the anterior descending(More)
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