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Experimental rats were trained on multiple 2-odor discrimination tasks, whereas controls were given repeated sessions on Task 1 and then were tested on a novel 2-odor task. Experimental rats showed strong positive transfer across problems and approached errorless or near-errorless learning. Control rats maintained near-perfect performance on Task 1 but(More)
By using principlism to teach ethics, we are reinforcing a sense of professional superiority among health care professionals. If we are to adequately serve not just the disabled, but all those who come to us for care, we need to rethink and restructure ethics teaching to create a learning environment that promotes and enhances caring.
A series of unstimulated and stimulated saliva samples from healthy volunteers was tested for EGF by radioimmunoassay. Salivary EGF, like other salivary constituents, was secreted in a diurnal pattern. On stimulation the rate of EGF secretion doubled but the concentration fell by 70% because of dilution by salivary fluid. EGF secretion was positively(More)
In this study we describe the occurrence of a calmodulin-like protein in normal human biological fluids. Extraction of the calmodulin-like protein from breast milk, saliva, serum and urine provided an extract with enhanced calmodulin immunoreactivity which, in the case of milk and saliva, showed a protein band comigrating with authentic calmodulin (Mr(More)
The prevalence of serum LATS and LATS-P in untreated Graves' disease has been studied in eighty-three patients with thyroid overactivity; twelve (14%) were found to have significant levels of LATs and LATS-P whilst fifty-nine (72%) had significant levels of LATS-P alone. Twelve (14%) had neither activity. There was a very wide range in both activities. LATS(More)
A bioassay for epidermal growth factor (EGF) is described using an eluted stain assay (ESTA) of dehydrogenase activity in pig thyrocytes. Optimal responsiveness to EGF was obtained in confluent cultures of primary pig thyrocytes cultured with EGF or biological samples containing EGF for either 24 or 48 h. Dehydrogenase activity was determined by measuring(More)
The antihypertensive effect of Padrenoreceptor-blocking agents may involve central mechanisms. Chronic propranolol treatment has been shown, for example, to increase total brain dopamine in experimental animals and centrally administered dopamine can lower blood pressure. This effect might be mediated by a direct reduction of sympathetic outflow but(More)
In a study of fifty-two patients with Graves' disease followed for 1 year after stopping antithyroid drugs, a strong relationship has been found between serum LATS-P and relapse. In those with serum LATS-P activity on stopping therapy, twenty-one (88%) out of twenty-four relapsed. In those with no LATS-P activity on stopping antithyroid drugs only eight(More)