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A new high resolution, charged particle detector array, LASSA, has been developed. LASSA consists of nine individual telescopes that each utilizes a Si–Si–CsI(Tl) stack to provide isotopic identification of fragments ð1pZp8Þ with good angular resolution over a wide dynamic range in energy. The energy range covered is E=A ¼ 2:4–140 MeV for protons and E=A ¼(More)
High-resolution computed tomography of lobster (Panulirus interruptus) stomach: three-dimensional coordinate-based map of ossicle shape and position, large inter-and intra-ossicle density variation, and lack of morphogically-specialized joints. J Morphol (in press) (2009) Slow conductances could underlie intrinsic phase-maintaining properties of isolated(More)
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