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In recent years surgery has played an increasTREATMENT ingly large part in the treatment of primary The hospital is of an open-air type, situated by tuberculosis of the lungs in children. We have the sea and in a bracing climate. Treatment for been impressed by this increasing frequency, and most atients has been on eneral lines onl also by descriptions of(More)
Improved methods of diagnosis have resulted in an increased awareness of intrathoracic benign tumours, but, apart from bronchial adenomas and hamartomatous tumours, most of the published reports on the other varieties emphasize their rarity. These include lipomas, chondromas, fibromas, and various neurogenic tumours. Intrathoracic fibromas are tumours of(More)
Bronchus clamps for use in lung resection have never been entirely satisfactory. The very large number of models available make this plain. When lung resection presents no problems almost any model of bronchus clamp is suitable. In a technically difficult situation all have shortcomings. The basic requirements of a bronchus clamp are: 1. It must be easy to(More)