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This paper presents two new formulations of Boolean algebra which appear to have some direct interest on their own account, and which further take a place among the most economical versions, while also exhibiting more intuitive clarity than other versions of a similar degree of economy. As is to some extent customary in short expositions of this kind, I am(More)
On-going human population growth and changing patterns of resource consumption are increasing global demand for ecosystem services, many of which are provided by soils. Some of these ecosystem services are linearly related to the surface area of pervious soil, whereas others show non-linear relationships, making ecosystem service optimization a complex(More)
BACKGROUND In 2004, the Irish Government introduced national legislation banning smoking in workplaces; with exemptions for "a place of residence". This paper summarises three Irish studies of exempted premises; prisons, psychiatric hospitals and nursing homes. METHODS PM(2.5) and nicotine were measured in nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals, in(More)
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