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The number of Hybridomes obtained from various sources rapidly increases at present. Clones producing monoclonal antibodies to influenza virus A/USSR/090/77 and to VEE-230 are generated in the laboratory of the Institute of Virology (Academy of Sciences of the USSR). The present work is devoted to the study of Hybridome karyotype by means of C-method for(More)
To detect the hybrid cells forming as a result of fusion of the mouse myeloma cells with the immunic mouse splenocytes, a radioautographic method was used which involved the application of 3H-hypoxanthine as a labelled precursor of nucleic acids and of high-sensitive UK emulsion for accelerated preparations of autographs. The optimal conditions of(More)
Objective: Anterior shoulder dislocation is a common large joint dislocation. There is no standard method for reduction. A new technique (FARES method) was introduced by a Greek group in late 2009. Design: Case series analysis. Setting: An emergency department. Methods: A survey was conducted from April to June 2010 in the emergency department primarily to(More)
In the course of the study of the chemical composition of the lipophilic fraction of the crowberry [1], which possesses an anticonvulsive activity, we have isolated the total esters, and the present communication is devoted to a study of these. When a hexane extract of crowberry was separated by column chromatography on silica gel L (100-160/xm), treatment(More)
Six hybrid clones producing monoclonal antibodies (MCA) to influenza A/FMI/47 virus and 9 hybrid clones producing MCA to influenza A/USSR/090/77 virus have been developed. The resulting MCA have been shown to be highly specific for influenza viruses of H1N1 serotype and differentiating H1N1 viruses from H0N1 and H3N2. In 3 out of 11 hybrid clones under(More)