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The objective of this study was to relate earthworm assemblage structure with three different soil use intensities, and to indentify the physical, chemical, and microbiological soil variables that are associated to the observed differences. Three soil uses were evaluated: 1-Fifty year old naturalized grasslands, low use intensity; 2-Recent agricultural(More)
A fringing field capacitive sensor has been used to measure the dielectric properties of human skin and underlying tissue in the MHz frequency range. It has recently been shown in clinical experimental studies that these dielectric properties can be related to the effects of in vivo glucose variations of the test subject. Previously, the relationship(More)
The application of a thin, transparent, polyvinylchloride film on the double prism of Goldmann's tonometer is proposed, so as to prevent bacterial and viral infection during tonometry. This film, mounted in such a way as to facilitate its application, is supplied in disposable sterile packaging. The use of the film does not alter the calibration of the(More)
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