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The neurotoxic effects of Manganese (Mn) are well known, and are usually caused by high occupational exposure over long periods of time. The effects caused by low doses of this metal have been poorly evaluated. For this reason, we decided to evaluate neuroendocrinal tests in a group of 14 male workers employed in a ferrousmanganese foundry (exposed to Mn(More)
The case of a 68-year-old woman who had relatively acute, unilateral ophthalmoplegia is reported. Radiological studies indicated a mass lesion involving the pituitary gland and left cavernous sinus. Pathological tissue obtained by the transsphenoidal approach revealed the presence of a Coccidioides granuloma. This pathological entity should be considered(More)
Valcamonica is an Italian valley where ferro-manganese industries have been active for a century and where an increased prevalence of parkinsonism was observed. A group of 93 patients (65 from Valcamonica, 28 from the reference area of Brescia city) and 76 controls (52 from Valcamonica, 24 from Brescia) were screened for serum Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn in blood (MnB)(More)
Two cases of meningeal melanocytoma, both localized in the cerebellopontine angle, were studied. The patients underwent surgical excision, and in one case there was a recurrence. All the pathologic criteria of melanocytoma were fulfilled by the 2 reported cases. Immunohistochemical stainings were very important ancillary tools in the differential diagnosis(More)
Metastasis to an intracranial meningioma was the first clinical manifestation of an occult primary bronchogenic carcinoma. The principles of diagnosis on morphologic and immunohistochemical findings are discussed, particularly as regards the differential diagnosis between a metastasis to meningioma and microcystic or secretory meningioma.
Beta-endorphin/beta-lipotropin immunoreactivity (BE/BLPH-IR) content was evaluated in the CSF of patients suffering by deafferentation pain syndromes. BE/BLPH-IR CSF concentrations of these patients were compared with those obtained in a group of patients affected by low back pain and in a control group without pain problems. No statistically significant(More)
Folliculo-stellate cells (FS) represent a small percentage of anterior pituitary elements of still undetermined embryological origin. They are sparse among endocrine pituitary cells and are characterized by the lack of secretory granules and by the presence of few branching processes inserted between hormone-secreting cells. Although FS cell role is still(More)
This study investigates 24-h blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) values in clinically healthy subjects adapted to living in Antarctica, as compared to their coeval subjects living in their home country. Its aim is to detect how cardiovascular rhythms behave in those environmental conditions and occupational cues. The 24-h BP and HR values were measured(More)
Methionine-enkephalin (ME-IR) and beta-endorphin (BE-IR) immunoreactive material CSF concentrations have been measured in subjects of different ages affected by lumbar or cervical disk hernia. The two peptides exhibited different age-related trends. ME-IR levels rose significantly with age while no changes were observed in the case of BE-IR.