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Rotavirus serotype G5 associated with diarrhea in Brazilian children.
Rotavirus serotype G5 in fecal specimens of 38 Brazilian children with diarrhea was identified by PCR and enzyme immunoassays. The strains exhibited long RNA electropherotypes and either subgroup IIExpand
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Real-life chromoendoscopy for neoplasia detection and characterisation in long-standing IBD
Objective Outside clinical trials, the effectiveness of chromoendoscopy (CE) for long-standing IBD surveillance is controversial. We aimed to assess the effectiveness of CE for neoplasia detectionExpand
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A combined enzyme immunoassay for rotavirus and adenovirus (EIARA).
A combined enzyme immunoassay for rotavirus and adenovirus (EIARA) was developed as a double-antibody sandwich assay in which test samples are added to plastic wells coated with rotavirus orExpand
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Fecal immunochemical test accuracy in average-risk colorectal cancer screening.
AIM To assess the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) accuracy for colorectal cancer (CRC) and advanced neoplasia (AN) detection in CRC screening. METHODS We performed a multicentric, prospective,Expand
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Accuracy of the Narrow-Band Imaging International Colorectal Endoscopic Classification System in Identification of Deep Invasion in Colorectal Polyps.
BACKGROUND & AIMS T1 colorectal polyps with at least 1 risk factor for metastasis to lymph node should be treated surgically and are considered endoscopically unresectable. Optical analysis, based onExpand
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Diarrhoea in mice infected with a human rotavirus.
Oral inoculation of newborn mice with the MET strain of human rotavirus produced transient diarrhoeal disease. Light and scanning electron microscopy showed typical rotavirus-induced morphologicalExpand
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Bilateral infraorbital block with 0.5% bupivacaine as post-operative analgesia following cheiloplasty in children.
Various studies have shown that bupivacaine nerve blocks provide prolonged post-operative analgesia. We studied the efficacy of a 0.5% bupivacaine infraorbital nerve block as post-operative analgesiaExpand
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Cyclosporine inhibition of leukocyte calcineurin is much less in whole blood than in culture medium.
Recent reports have shown that cyclosporine (CsA)-treated patients have abundant calcineurin phosphatase (CN) activity in vivo despite CsA blood concentrations that would be completely inhibitory inExpand
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Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Wnt and BMP Pathways and Colorectal Cancer Risk in a Spanish Cohort
Background Colorectal cancer (CRC) is considered a complex disease, and thus the majority of the genetic susceptibility is thought to lie in the form of low-penetrance variants following a polygenicExpand
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