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Publication of NIH funded trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov: cross sectional analysis
Objective To review patterns of publication of clinical trials funded by US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in peer reviewed biomedical journals indexed by Medline. Design Cross sectionalExpand
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Understanding the mechanism of aluminium nanoparticle oxidation
Aluminium nanoparticles have gained importance in the last decade because of their increased reactivity as compared with traditional micron-sized particle. The physics of burning of aluminiumExpand
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A 56-Gb/s PAM4 Wireline Transceiver Using a 32-Way Time-Interleaved SAR ADC in 16-nm FinFET
A 56-Gb/s PAM4 wireline transceiver testchip is implemented in 16-nm FinFET. Expand
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Callable Bonds Revisited
"In light of the dramatic changes in the callable bond market, we reexamine the determinants of callable bonds. Using data from 1980-2003, we find that callable bonds are often issued by firms withExpand
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Three-dimensional electrochemical process for wastewater treatment: A general review
Abstract Three-dimensional (3D) electrochemical process has been recognized as an effective method for wastewater treatment. In comparison to two-dimensional (2D) electrochemical process, theExpand
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Room-temperature saturated ferroelectric polarization in BiFeO3 ceramics synthesized by rapid liquid phase sintering
Single-phased ferroelectromagnet BiFeO3 ceramics with high resistivity were synthesized by a rapid liquid phase sintering technique. Saturated ferroelectric hysteresis loops were observed at roomExpand
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Chemically modified graphite felt as an efficient cathode in electro-Fenton for p-nitrophenol degradation
Abstract A simple method with low-cost chemical reagents ethanol and hydrazine hydrate was used to modify graphite felt as the cathode for electro-Fenton (EF) application, using p-nitrophenol (p-Np)Expand
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A Single-Chip Dual-Band 22–29-GHz/77–81-GHz BiCMOS Transceiver for Automotive Radars
The first dual-band millimeter-wave transceiver operating in the 22-29-GHz and 77-81-GHz short-range automotive radar bands is designed and implemented in 0.18- m BiCMOS technology. Expand
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A 2-Gb/s 130-nm CMOS RF-Correlation-Based IR-UWB Transceiver Front-End
This paper presents a carrierless RF-correlation-based impulse radio ultra-wideband transceiver (TRX) front-end in a 130-nm CMOS process. Timing synchronization and coherent demodulation areExpand
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Preparation of diamine modified mesoporous silica on multi-walled carbon nanotubes for the adsorption of heavy metals in aqueous solution
An effective adsorbent of diamine functionalized mesoporous silica on multi-walled carbon nanotubes (NN-mSiO2@MWCNTs) has been prepared to remove heavy metals in aqueous solution. StructuralExpand
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