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Cloning and expression of the human galanin receptor GalR2.
With the identification of a second galanin receptor subtype, the specific functions of human GalR2 receptor subtypes can now begin to be addressed. Expand
Conversion of a silencer into an enhancer: evidence for a co‐repressor in dorsal‐mediated repression in Drosophila.
It is found that T‐rich sequences close to the dl binding sites in the silencer region of the zen promoter are conserved between three Drosophila species, indicating that the minimal silencer was converted into an enhancer. Expand
Development and validation of an in vitro 3D model of NASH with severe fibrotic phenotype.
An in vitro 3D-hLMT NASH model with severe fibrotic phenotype is established and validated that can be a powerful tool to investigate experimental compounds for the treatment of NASH. Expand
[Nucleotide sequence of the barley C-hordein gene].
The nucleotide sequence of barley C-hordein gene lambda CH4 and its flanking regions of 2820 bp length was determined and this insertion is the largest known rearrangement in the otherwise highly conservative surroundings of barley storage protein genes. Expand