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Contesting Spatial Modernity in Late‐Socialist China
  • L. Zhang
  • Sociology
    Current Anthropology
  • 1 June 2006
A new master plan to restructure the city of Kunming in southwestern China in the context of Chinas transition to a progrowth, commercialized consumer society has led to massive destruction of
Religious beliefs influence neural substrates of self-reflection in Tibetans.
The findings lend support to the presumed role of culture and religion in shaping the neural substrate of self in Han participants and Tibetan participants on behavioral or neural levels.
Optimized Gamma Synchronization Enhances Functional Binding of Fronto-Parietal Cortices in Mathematically Gifted Adolescents during Deductive Reasoning
The results from sample fitting in the power-law model further find that the phase-locking durations in the math-gifted brain abides by a wider interval of thePower-law distribution mechanism could represent a relatively optimized pattern for the functional binding of frontal–parietal network, which underlies stable fronto-parietal connectivity and increases flexibility of timely network reconfiguration.
The holistic processing of price comparison: Behavioral and electrophysiological evidences
The findings suggest that the digits and the units of prices are processed holistically rather than separately during a price comparison task.
Can leader humility enhance employee wellbeing? The mediating role of employee humility
The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between leader humility and employee well-being. Based on social information processing (SIP) theory and previous literature concerning leader
Analysis of New Energy Vehicles Industry Policy in China's Cities from the Perspective of Policy instruments☆
Abstract This paper selects five China's cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, respectively as research objects, where demonstration project of new energy vehicles are progressing
Evaluating Cortical Alterations in Patients With Chronic Back Pain Using Neuroimaging Techniques: Recent Advances and Perspectives
A comprehensive overview on a series of novel findings from neuroimaging studies to improve the understanding of the cortical abnormalities originated in the disease, including structural, functional, and metabolic brain changes in CBP patients.
Is Spatial Ability Related to Mathematical Ability: a Meta-analysis
The relationship between spatial and mathematical ability is controversial. Thus, the current study conducted a meta-analysis of 73 studies, with 263 effect sizes to explore the relationship between
A first look at unfollowing behavior on GitHub
This work presents a first look at unfollowing behavior on GitHub and gives suggestions for developers to reduce the likelihood of being unfollowed by their followers, and attracts researchers’ attention on relationship dissolution.