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Evidence that Gal11 protein is a target of the Gal4 activation domain in the mediator.
Results suggest that the dimeric activator might also contact another protein in the mediator in addition to Gal11, and the K(D) of the 1:1 Gal4 AD--Gal11 complex is modest.
Carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Zhubi coral reef lagoon of the South China Sea as revealed by 210Po and 210Pb.
(210)Po and (210)Pb can quantify the cycling of carbon and nitrogen in this coral lagoon.
Effect of litter type on soil microbial parameters and dissolved organic carbon in a laboratory microcosm experiment.
A laboratory microcosm experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of the four single-species (Pinus tabulaeformis (Pt), Pinus radiata (Pr), Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Cj), and Ostryopsis
A large excess of 210Po in the overlying water of the Zhubi Coral Reef flat, in the South China Sea.
(210)Po might be a potential tracer for quantifying nutrient recycling in the Coral Reef system and in combination with particulate composition, (210) Po diffusion was closely related to organic matter.
A calculation method for the average emitter operating pressure of drip irrigation
The average emitter operating pressure is an important parameter in drip irrigation because it influences pressure, discharge and cost of the system. In this study, a calculation method for the
Predictions of mortality related to four major cancers in China, 2020 to 2030
This study aimed to predict the mortality rates and numbers of deaths related to four common cancers in China from 2020 to 2030 and to estimate the corresponding cancer burden caused by population aging and tobacco smoking.
Functional Properties of Electroless Silver-Plated Cotton Fabric via LTP Pre-Treatment
Silver-plated textiles have exhibited their specific features not only on mechanical performance but also on functional properties. In this study, silver plating technique was applied on cotton
Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals Changes in Long Noncoding RNAs in the Differentiation of Canine BMSCs into Insulin-Producing Cells
This study provides a lncRNA catalog for future research concerning the mechanism of the transdifferentiation of cBMSCs into IPCs and Gene Ontology (GO) analysis showed that binding represented the main molecular functions of both the cis- and trans-modes.
Amyloid precursor protein is a restriction factor that protects against Zika virus infection in mammalian brains
Findings suggest that APP is a restriction factor that protects against ZIKV by serving as a decoy receptor, and plays a protective role in ZikV-mediated brain injuries.