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Language Teaching Research and Language Pedagogy
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Chinese senior high school EFL students’ metacognitive awareness and reading-strategy use
This paper reports findings from a study that assesses metacognitive awareness and reading-strategy use of Chinese senior high school students who are learning English as a foreign language (EFL). AExpand
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Effects of Task Complexity on the Fluency and Lexical Complexity in EFL Students' Argumentative Writing.
We explored the effects of task complexity on the fluency and lexical complexity of 108 EFL students’ argumentative writing using three factors: availability of planning time; provision of ideas and macro-structure; and draft availability. Expand
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A Dynamic Metacognitive Systems Account of Chinese University Students' Knowledge About EFL Reading
Metacognition, conceptualized as a set of dynamic systems, has been recognized as an important area of academic and pedagogical inquiry in applied linguistics from both theoretical and practicalExpand
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Research Into Chinese Efl Learner Strategies: Methods, Findings and Instructional Issues
Spearheaded by Rubin (1975) and others (e.g. Stem 1975), extensive re search into language learner strategies (LLS) has been conducted to investi gate successful and less successful learnerExpand
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Effects of explicit instruction in cognitive and metacognitive reading strategies on Iranian EFL students’ reading performance and strategy transfer
This study explored the impact of explicit teaching of reading strategies on English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) students’ reading performance in Iran. The study employed a questionnaire adapted fromExpand
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Exploring Variability in Language Anxiety: Two Groups of Prc Students Learning Esl in Singapore:
This is an exploratory study of ESL students' general language learning anxiety in a study-abroad context. Results of the present study suggest that variability in ESL students' language anxiety ca...
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The Role of Vocabulary in Reading Comprehension The Case of Secondary School Students Learning English in Singapore
The crucial role of vocabulary knowledge in reading comprehension has been well recognized in first language (L1) situations and this has appeared to be true of second language (L2) settings as well.Expand
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