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Structural Basis for Regulation of Protein Phosphatase 1 by Inhibitor-2*
The functional specificity of type 1 protein phosphatases (PP1) depends on the associated regulatory/targeting and inhibitory subunits. To gain insights into the mechanism of PP1 regulation byExpand
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Purification, Primary Structure, and Immunological Characterization of the 26-kDa Calsequestrin Binding Protein (Junctin) from Cardiac Junctional Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (*)
Previously we identified a protein of apparent M = 26,000 as the major calsequestrin binding protein in junctional sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles isolated from cardiac and skeletal muscle (Mitchell,Expand
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Role of extracellular protein in the formation and stability of aerobic granules
Abstract The extracellular proteins extracted from the sludge samples had molecular weights in the range of 31.0–97.4 kDa. Several new protein bands were observed with the aerobic granulation. TheExpand
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Overexpression of d-psicose 3-epimerase from Ruminococcus sp. in Escherichia coli and its potential application in d-psicose production
The d-psicose 3-epimerase (DPE) gene from Ruminococcus sp. was cloned and overexpressed in Escherichia coli. The recombinant protein was purified and characterized. It was optimally active at pHExpand
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Identification of two hyaluronan-binding domains in the hyaluronan receptor RHAMM.
We have identified two discrete hyaluronan- (HA) binding domains in the HA receptor RHAMM (Receptor for HA-Mediated Motility) that mediates the locomotion of H-ras transformed fibroblasts. A completeExpand
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Rubisco activase: an enzyme with a temperature-dependent dual function?
Heat treatment of intact spinach leaves was found to induce a unique thylakoid membrane association of an approximately 40 kDa stromal protein. This protein was identified as rubisco activase. MostExpand
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Biochemical characterization of the gamma-secretase activity that produces beta-amyloid peptides.
Recent studies of gamma-secretase have pointed out that it may be comprised of a multisubunit complex with presenilin 1 and presenilin 2 as central components. Elucidation of the biochemicalExpand
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Hydrogenation of nitrophenols catalyzed by carbon black-supported nickel nanoparticles under mild conditions
Abstract A carbon black (CB) supported nano-Ni catalyst is prepared by a facile method using nickel chloride as the nickel source and hydrazine hydrate as the reducing agent. TEM observation showsExpand
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Iminoheterocycles as gamma-secretase modulators.
The synthesis of a novel series of iminoheterocycles and their structure-activity relationship (SAR) as modulators of gamma-secretase activity will be detailed. Encouraging SAR generated from aExpand
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