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A Feature-Enriched Completely Blind Image Quality Evaluator
Existing blind image quality assessment (BIQA) methods are mostly opinion-aware. They learn regression models from training images with associated human subjective scores to predict the perceptualExpand
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Object Tracking via Dual Linear Structured SVM and Explicit Feature Map
Structured support vector machine (SSVM) based methods have demonstrated encouraging performance in recent object tracking benchmarks. However, the complex and expensive optimization limits theirExpand
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Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Trilateral Filtering
Frame rate up-conversion (FRUC) can enhance the visual quality of low frame rate video presented on liquid crystal display. To minimize the difference between a reference block and an interpolatedExpand
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Learning a Deep Single Image Contrast Enhancer from Multi-Exposure Images
Due to the poor lighting condition and limited dynamic range of digital imaging devices, the recorded images are often under-/over-exposed and with low contrast. Most of previous single imageExpand
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An Adaptive Longitudinal Driving Assistance System Based on Driver Characteristics
A prototype of a longitudinal driving-assistance system, which is adaptive to driver behavior, is developed. Its functions include adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning/avoidance. TheExpand
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How You Get Shot in the Back: A Systematical Study about Cryptojacking in the Real World
As a new mechanism to monetize web content, cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly popular. The idea is simple: a webpage delivers extra workload (JavaScript) that consumes computationalExpand
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GeoMob: A mobility-aware geocast scheme in metropolitans via taxicabs and buses
Geocast, delivering messages to a specific location, has become an important issue with the accelerated development of the location-based services in mobile networks. Geocast in the automotive domainExpand
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Fine-Tuning Convolutional Neural Networks for Biomedical Image Analysis: Actively and Incrementally
Intense interest in applying convolutional neural networks (CNNs) in biomedical image analysis is wide spread, but its success is impeded by the lack of large annotated datasets in biomedicalExpand
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S-FTL: An efficient address translation for flash memory by exploiting spatial locality
The solid-state disk (SSD) is becoming increasingly popular, especially among users whose workloads exhibit substantial random access patterns. As SSD competes with the hard disk, whose per-GB costExpand
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Multi-level deep supervised networks for retinal vessel segmentation
  • J. Mo, L. Zhang
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Assisted…
  • 2 June 2017
PurposeChanges in the appearance of retinal blood vessels are an important indicator for various ophthalmologic and cardiovascular diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, andExpand
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