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Taxonomy of Paragavialidium (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae: Scelimeninae) with Description of One New Species and Notes on Ecology and Habits
ABSTRACT: Ecology and habits of the genus Paragavialidium are discussed. Paragavialidium islandium Zha and Wen sp. nov. is described and illustrated with photographs and compared with similar taxa.Expand
A new species and a revised key of the genus Thoradonta (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae)
Abstract A new species of the genus Thoradonta (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae), Thoradonta varispina Zha & Sheng, sp. n., was found in Lengshuihe Nature Preserve, Jinsha, Guizhou, China. It is introducedExpand
A New Species of the Genus Scelimena (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) in Thailand and Notes on Its Biology and Ecology
ABSTRACT: Research status of the family Tetrigidae in Thailand is reviewed. Scelimena songkrana Zha and Wen sp. nov. is described and illustrated with photographs and compared with similar taxa. AExpand
Multigene phylogeny and morphology reveal that the Chinese medicinal mushroom ‘ Cordyceps gunnii ’ is Metacordyceps neogunnii sp. nov.
Morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses of an entomogenous fungus associated with larvae of Lepidoptera in Guizhou and Anhui, China showed it to be a new species, Metacordyceps neogunnii.Expand
Notes on the genus Yunnantettix Zheng (Tetrigidae: Cladonotinae), with descriptions of two new species from Thailand.
Two new species, Yunnantettix nanensis sp. nov. and Yunnantettix variabilis sp. nov. are described from Thailand, and current knowledge on their ecology and habits are presented. GenericExpand
Multigene phylogeny and morphology reveal a new species, Ophiocordyceps tettigonia , from Guizhou Province, China
A species of Cordyceps sensu lato associated with an adult of Tettigonia was collected in Chishui Danxia natural world heritage site, Guizhou Province, China. Following morpho-phylogenetic studies itExpand
Records of Hedotettix and Teredorus in Thailand with the description of three new species (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae)
Abstract We are studying the fungi associated with insects in northern Thailand and as a result several rarely collected insect species have been uncovered. The genera Hedotettix with one new speciesExpand
The Genus Bolivaritettix in Thailand (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae), with Three New Species and One New Record
ABSTRACT: Three species of Bolivaritettix (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae) are reported for Thailand. Bolivaritettix lativertexoides sp. nov., B. maculatus sp. nov. and B. chiangraiensis sp.Expand
Metacordyceps shibinensis sp. nov. from larvae of Lepidoptera in Guizhou Province, southwest China
A new entomogenous taxon, Metacordyceps shibinensis sp. nov., associated with a larva of Lepidoptera was found in Yuntai Mountains, Guizhou Province, China. It differs from similar species in itsExpand
The subfamily Cladonotinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) from China with description of a new monotypic genus
ABSTRACT The genus Tetradinodula Zha gen. nov. (type species: T. bambusae Zha sp. nov.) is described from the Baiqing Nature Preserve, Tongzi County, Guizhou Province, China. Ecology and habits ofExpand