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Effects of urbanization on Neotropical wasp and bee assemblages in a Brazilian metropolis
The rapid growth of cities in many parts of the world has stimulated an increasing number of ecological studies of urban environments. Here, 12 study sites in the city of Belo Horizonte (MG),Expand
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Cues, concessions, and inheritance: dominance hierarchies in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus
Hierarchies constitute the base of many social groups. Hence, understanding how they are established is critical. Here we examine how hierarchies are formed in foundresses associations of the commonExpand
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Worker policing (mutual repression of reproduction) in the eusocial Hymenoptera represents a leading example of how coercion can facilitate cooperation. The occurrence of worker policing inExpand
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Genetic relatedness in early associations of Polistes dominulus: from related to unrelated helpers
Indirect benefits obtained through the reproduction of relatives are fundamental in the formation and maintenance of groups. Here, we examine the hypothesis that females of the temperate paper waspExpand
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Founders versus joiners: group formation in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus
Within-group power asymmetries and the resulting reproductive skew, common in most social groups, may effectively be set at the very early stages of group formation, that is, when group membership isExpand
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Screening ofBothrops snake venoms for L-amino acid oxidase activity
Toxins, enzymes, and biologically active peptides are the main components of snake venoms from the genus Bothrops. Following the venom inoculation, the local effects are hemorrhage, edema, andExpand
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Group formation in a social wasp
Group formation is a fundamental step in the evolution of cooperation, yet there are few models of this process in social animals, and even fewer empirical tests. The prolonged nest initiation phaseExpand
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Comparison between ketamine and fentanyl–droperidol for rectal premedication in children: a randomized placebo controlled trial
PurposeA common concern of anesthesiologists is the management of children involved in stressful scenarios, and premedication is considered, in most situations, as useful to reduce the stressExpand
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Bumble bee workers drift to conspecific nests at field scales
1. Workers in several bee species travel to conspecific nests (‘drifting’), enter them, and produce male offspring inside them, so acting as intra‐specific social parasites. This adds a new dimensionExpand
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Nesting biology and sex ratios of Auplopus militaris (Lynch-Arribalzaga 1873) (Hymenoptera Pompilidae)*
During 2 years (1992 and 1993) the nesting biology of Auplopus militaris (Lynch-Arribalzaga 1873) was studied using trap-nests placed in a preserved natural area in the Campus of the UniversidadeExpand
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