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Finer resolution observation and monitoring of global land cover: first mapping results with Landsat TM and ETM+ data
We have produced the first 30 m resolution global land-cover maps using Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) data. We have classified over 6600 scenes of Landsat TMExpand
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The Apparently Decaying Orbit of WASP-12
We present new transit and occultation times for the hot Jupiter WASP-12b. The data are compatible with a constant period derivative: $\dot{P}=-29 \pm 3$ ms yr$^{-1}$ and $P/\dot{P}= 3.2$ Myr.Expand
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On initial segment complexity and degrees of randomness
One approach to understanding the fine structure of initial segment complexity was introduced by Downey, Hirschfeldt and LaForte. They define X ≤K Y to mean that (Vn) K(X | n) < K(Y | n) + 0(1). TheExpand
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The K2-ESPRINT Project III: A Close-in Super-Earth around a Metal-rich Mid-M Dwarf
We validate a $R_p=2.32\pm 0.24R_\oplus$ planet on a close-in orbit ($P=2.260455\pm 0.000041$ days) around K2-28 (EPIC 206318379), a metal-rich M4-type dwarf in the Campaign 3 field of the K2Expand
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Numerical simulation of the bubbling fluidized bed coal gasification by the kinetic theory of granular flow (KTGF)
A new numerical model based on the two-fluid model (TFM) including the kinetic theory of granular flow (KTGF) and complicated reactions has been developed to simulate coal gasification in a bubblingExpand
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Semiclassical mechanics of the Wigner 6j-symbol
The semiclassical mechanics of the Wigner 6j-symbol is examined from the standpoint of WKB theory for multidimensional, integrable systems to explore the geometrical issues surrounding theExpand
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Uniform semiclassical approximation for the Wigner 6j-symbol in terms of rotation matrices.
A new uniform asymptotic approximation for the Wigner 6j-symbol is given in terms of Wigner rotation matrices (d-matrices). The approximation is uniform in the sense that it applies for all values ofExpand
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7 Classification of jump operators
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Weighing Galaxy Clusters with Gas. II. On the Origin of Hydrostatic Mass Bias in ΛCDM Galaxy Clusters
The use of galaxy clusters as cosmological probes hinges on our ability to measure their masses accurately and with high precision. Hydrostatic mass is one of the most common methods for estimatingExpand
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Semiclassical analysis of Wigner 3j-symbol
We analyse the asymptotics of the Wigner 3j -symbol as a matrix element connecting eigenfunctions of a pair of integrable systems, obtained by lifting the problem of the addition of angular momentaExpand
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